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Welcome to 2020!

Boom! 2020! Here we are!

Finishing off 2019 with a few interviews was a lot of fun leading into Christmas! As we stated in our last blog post, we were heading to BBC Essex for a chat with Tony Fisher. What a lovely guy he is. Our third time on his show, we discussed our journey to date, our latest single 'Pocket Change' and the future plans we have. You can listen to the whole interview below! Thanks Tony for chatting with us!

To close out the year, and even more so THE DECADE, we went to Phoenix FM to chat with Nick Field on his show Curveballs. We chatted about our journey, our release of Pocket Change, our matching hats, as well our our future. We were also quite happy to play Pocket Change and our new Christmas song, Merry Christmas. You can listen to that interview via the player below! Speed through to 1:00:40 to get to our spot! Thanks so much Nick for having us!

Also check out the videos from Nick here too!

Moving ahead, Pocket Change is still out there, available for download and streaming across all forms of sites! Also check out the official music video for Pocket Change below (Share it too if you can!)

We have a lot planned in 2020, so be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to be kept up to date with all that happens! We'll have a new blog post up soon.

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